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Guide to Making a Bank Transfer at Bank Hadoar to STB Union account

  1. Log In to Your Online Banking Account:

    • Visit the Bank Hadoar website and enter your credentials to log in.

  2. Navigate to the Transfer Section:

    • Once logged in, click on the the 3 lines to open the main menu.

    • Select “Money transfers”.

    • Then select “Transfer to account in Israel” for domestic transfers.

    • Now click on "click here" as shown.

  3. Enter Transfer Details:

    • On the "Transfer to whom?" page, input the following:

      • Bank: הפועלים - 12

      • Branch: ראשון לציון - 634

      • Account No.: 495775

      • Payee’s name: STB Union LTD

  4. Specify Transfer Amount and Purpose:

    • On the following page, fill in:

      • Transaction amount: The amount of money you wish to transfer.

      • The purpose of the transfer: The reason for the transfer or a description of the transaction. (Transfer to personal account)

      • Please specify - Fill in your full name

    • Click “Next” to continue.

  5. Verification Code for Transaction Security:

    • A new page will prompt you to enter a verification code.

    • Click on “Send code” to receive the code via SMS or email on your registered mobile number or email address.

    • Once you receive the code, enter it in the designated field.

  6. Transaction Completion:

    • Now, you will see a screen indicating that the transaction has been “successfully completed” along with a transfer number.

    • Download the file by clicking the download icon and take a screenshot.

Updating the deposit on your STB account

The last step of the process is to update the deposit amount on the STB app.

In order to do so, please follow this instructions - click here

Our STB Union company costumer service is always happy to assist you! If you still have any questions after reading the article and watching the video instructions, please feel free to contact us using one of the options provided below:

Our business hours are as follows:

Sunday to Thursday: 09:00 AM to 18:00 PM
Friday: 09:00 AM to 02:00 PM

Please note that we are closed on Saturdays.

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