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How to exchange currency with STB Union
How to exchange currency with STB Union
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How to Exchange Currency with STB Union

Are you looking for an easy way to exchange currency? STB Union can help you do just that – and with 3 different coins ($, €, ₪).
With STB Union app, you can easily manage your exchange on your own.

Getting Started

The first step is to download the STB Union app. The app is available on both the App Store for iOS and the Google Play Store for Android, so regardless of your device you can easily stay in control. Get the app by clicking the button below.

Once you have the app open, follow these steps:
Under «Services» choose the «Currency exchange» button

On the «Currency rates» screen select currency pair you want to exchange. You can also tap the «Buy or sell currency» button at the bottom of the screen to go to the currency exchange screen.

Select accounts to charge and to credit money.

Enter amount to exchange and select currency. After this tap the «Continue» button at the bottom of the screen.

Check the information on the summary screen and swipe the button at the bottom of the screen to confirm the operation.

For your convenient, you can also watch the steps in the following video:


With STB Union’s easy-to-use exchange platform, you can quickly and securely exchange currency – no matter where you are in the world and no matter which time it is (24/7). Get started today by downloading the STB Union app and take control of your exchanges.

Our STB Union company costumer service is always happy to assist you! If you still have any questions after reading the article and watching the video instructions, please feel free to contact us using one of the options provided below:

Our business hours are as follows:

Sunday to Thursday: 09:00 AM to 18:00 PM
Friday: 09:00 AM to 02:00 PM

Please note that we are closed on Saturdays.

Thank you for choosing us,
STB Union team.

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